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My Ultimate Egg Cup Recipe Planner. Mix and match for up to 479,001,600 possible combos…WHEW!

Egg cups are all the rage for fitness and healthy living meal prep…

Easy to cook, easy to pack, and easy on the diet resolutions. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many metabolic reasons but also for behavioral reasons as well. The right or wrong breakfast can make of break you day and in turn make or break your resolve to stick to your goals. Keeping breakfast prep simple, tasty, and diverse prevents the 2-3 week goal slump that sends us back into our old ways.

Whether your resolution was to lower your cholesterol, eat less/no animal products, lose weight with a Ketogenic diet, or reset your health with Whole 30 the chart below can help you to plan a months of quick, delicious egg cup recipes for you and the family. A toast to making resolutions into healthy, lifelong habits… Enjoy my loves!

Looking for a healthy, hearty breakfast for a relaxing weekend? Or a large make ahead breakfast dish that you can snack on all week? Check out my Perfect Summer Vegetable Quiche. Don’t let the title fool you. It’s great year round!

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