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Adventures in ADHD

Eclectic Thought Catalog a blog focusing on flexitarian diets and lifestyle powered by ADHD, began with a love of food but it also as a love for self, without boundaries. An appreciation for the gifts that a life without barriers can provide.

“It is growing up different. It is extreme hypersensitivity. It is a bottomless pit of feeling you’re failing, but three days later, you feel you can do anything, only to end the week where you began. It is not learning from your mistakes.  It is a hyper focus, so intense about what bothers you, that you can’t pay attention to anything else, for very long.. It wears you out. It wears everyone out. It makes you question God’s plan. You misinterpret everything, and you allow your creative mind to fill the gaps with the same old chains that bind you. It is a never-ending routine of forgetting things.It is devotion to the gifts and talents you have been given, that provide temporary relief. It is a drive that has no end, and without “focus” it takes you nowhere. It is the deepest anger when someone you love hurts you, and the greatest love when they don’t. It is beauty when it has purpose. It is agony when it doesn’t. It is called Attention Deficit Disorder.”Shannon L. Alder

^ That right there.

That is the absolutely best way of describing the manic collection of beautiful and worrisome thoughts that flail out like butterflies and rarely return to the nest. Constantly caught between what if, I’ll be happy when, wait why am I here, and where’d I put that? Its the constant frustration of missing human interaction because you’re too busy camping out in your own head, but also the joy and comfort of the introversion. People are draining. The never ending abyss of creative thought, random inquiries, and anxious hypotheticals.

Part of the reason why I began this site. There’s just too much in my brain to leave it there. I have to have an outlet for the madness and my musings don’t always fit neatly into perfect little categories. Like how can you just write about society or cooking, crafts or comic book characters, pumpernickel or cat pics? I think about it all. Usually at inconvenient times when I should be listening to what my fiancé just said. Sorry what?

I wonder if I’ll end up like Linda from Bob’s Burgers, singing everything that happens around me? Who knows? But the joy is the experience and acceptance of the unique journey we’re all given.