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Blogging is by far one the most narcissistic things we do as a people. Its as if we all decided one day to rethink our childhood and say “Hey I want people to read my DIARY, online” “Look at me! Over here living!” It’s marvelous though. It speaks to our need to find our own voice, create, and leave legacies for others to critique and improve. As someone who recently left the teaching field, I was always looking for an outlet for self-care and reflection. A place where I could turn off the show, who my students/families needed me to be, and my teacher voice, and delve into what made me… me. Blogging and pinterest was a normal part of my teacher world but was obviously focused on others. Now, I have the opportunity to turn that introspection back onto my passions, still trying to figure all of those out by the way. I’ve accepted that it’s a process. Ever changing as we grow. Looking forward to learning more about the world outside and within.

Here’s hoping my weird little collection of random musings encourages you to find you passion, Be it food. Fun. Crafts. Or perfected petty. Enjoy my loves!

About the Author
Morgan is a transplant from Indianapolis (the home of corn) to the Red Stick aka crawfish country. A food, lifestyle, and eclectic thought blogger with a passion for healthy cajun cooking, ADHD advice and lifehacks. Food reviews, leftover remixes, and creative firsts are her “deal” and part of her complex identity expression as an ADHD-toting, biracial woman of color.