Adventures of Sophie & Katniss

Sophia “Sophie” Loren

sophie the dog wrapped in a towel
Sophie drying off after a family walk in the park turned into a run in the rain. Spoiled baby.

5 years ago I opened my home and a battered heart to this beautiful little derp. A lab mix (or so they say), who I delightedly call a mutt, stole my heart and honestly my patience during a PetCo shelter adoption event. Named “teacup” at the time, Sophie was extremely timid yet desperate for attention. I watched all of Cesar Milan’s specials read training memoir “Cesar’s way” and pinned idea after idea of ways to be the perfect pet parent to this adorable, scared little girl. And after all of that, she still peed on the floor every time I went to put her leash on.

5 years later, I’m proud to say that she’s grown to trust and listen minus a majority of the pee (excusing a random accident here or there) and I have grown much more patient and understanding of her needs and love language. I’m also proud to say that we have an “understanding” about the human’s meal space, our dog-free kitchen, and letting guests come through the door first before excitedly spazzing at their knees. Or “twerking” as I call it. She’s so wiggly! Sophie is the first-born in our menagerie. The one who provided reasons for all the rules we have now and we love her so.

Sophie loves playing with her sister KATniss, rubbing her back all over the carpet, spazzing out for guests, “twerking” and crumbs. Her favorite treat is her mom’s Homemade Sweet Potato & Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits.



Katniss in her vet travel cage mad at mommy
“Shitty Kitty” throwing a tantrum after her Vet visit. She hissed, bit at the Vet techs, ran around the room, and pooped everywhere. Mom was mortified.


Now this turd here^. She’s the Queen B, our cat baby, and she only likes Mister, Sophie, and I. Sophie and I welcomed KATniss into our home just 3 years ago after she lovingly chased every teacher and student on the playground and was eventually brought to me to shelter until a new home could be found. That’s one of the hazards of being the science teacher. Kids bring you ALL of the strays! Though I clearly stated that I was NOT keeping her, Mister and I both knew that was a lie and she’s been running our house ever since.

KATniss enjoys laying on daddy’s clothes, play fighting with every family member, yelling at guests, plotting the death of our poor Veterinarian,  and crying for more food than she ever could need. She’s so greedy. She’s not a big fan of treats though she loves the occasional catnip.